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Ontario Organizational Development Program

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OODP Partnership Agreement Forms

Publication date: 2016
This handy resource provides you with two types of partnership agreement forms, one for agreements that are long-term and involve operations and a second one for short-term projects or one-time events.  Both types of forms are offered in table and letter formats.  If...

OODP Partnership Agreement Toolkit

Publication date: 2015
The attached toolkit provides you with the 2 types of partnership agreement forms together with an overview of what partnership agreements offer and a readiness checklist to ensure you are prepared before you begin.  Formalizing partnerships with written...

OODP Partnership Agreements Resource

Publication date: 2013
If you are looking for a resource that covers everything from A to Z about  partnerships, this is it!  This original version of the OODP Partnership Agreement Resource provides a comprehensive and detailed desciption on how to negotiate, create, manage and...