Contributing Organization:
AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)

ACT has a history of developing bold and innovative campaigns to generate awareness, rouse people into action, overcome ignorance about HIV transmission and encourage HIV prevention. Over the years our campaigns have drawn attention, controversy and earned respect. And, with every campaign there is the hope that it will be a catalyst for behaviour-change, provide new information, and enhance overall understanding about the complex issues of living with and preventing HIV and AIDS. These campaigns have also helped to enhance ACT's profile and reputation in the HIV/AIDS sector and among the communities we serve.

Resources in resource collection

PEP Can Stop You From Getting HIV

Publication date: 2013
Launched in October 2013, posters, postcards and condom/lube packs were distributed to bars, clubs and bathhouses to alert gay and bi men – the community still most affected by HIV in Toronto – of the existence of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for...

Attack of the Cursed Syphilis

Publication date: 2010
Since 2002, Toronto has seen a dramatic increase in documented syphilis cases. Ninety-five percent of syphilis infections are among men, with gay and bisexual men comprising 83% of infections among men. An increasing number of men diagnosed with syphilis are also...