Contributing Organization:
AIDS Committee of Durham Region

The AIDS Committee of Durham Region (ACDR) over the years has produced campaigns that have received national and international recognition. While some campaigns have been controversial, a bit cheeky and fun, we are pleased that they have helped increased awareness around HIV/AIDS.  In our campaigns we have always strived to make them sex positive.

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Got Balls? On-Site HIV testing

Publication date: 2015
Created with the help of one of our clients to help promote on-site anonymous HIV rapid point of care testing.  This poster with two versions was used to get the attention of gay, bi and MSM to visit website to request appointment date/time.  In addition to this...

Living with HIV

Publication date: 2014
‘Living with HIV’ aims to bring awareness to the multiple challenges people living with HIV face.  Three posters make up this campaign – all contain the same messaging, only the imagery changes.  One image is a woman and the other two featuring...

HIV Stigma Campaign

Publication date: 2014
HIV Stigma campaign (condoms_cant_prevent.pdf) was created with feedback from gay/bi/msm in the Durham Region using an online survey.  The sample with posters A and B (condoms_ineffectivesmall-horz.jpg) are the original concepts that we posted on the survey.  30 men...

Get Tested! M2M campaign

Publication date: 2013
The AIDS Committee of Durham Region and the DMAN (Durham Men’s Active Network) Advisory Council created this HIV testing awareness campaign in July 2013 using an online survey. The results of that survey can be found here on SAGE under ‘Evaluation...

Get Tested – Youth campaign

Publication date: 2012
The Get Tested campaign was developed with the assistance of the Youth Advisory Committee at the ACDR. Its messaging encourages youth to get tested for HIV with the use of popular culture graphics. It was distributed nationally through CATIE in 2013 to present.

Libido Insurance

Publication date: 2010
With Libido Insurance our goal was to produce a campaign that presented condoms from a slightly different perspective and one that would be sex positive.  Pulling from some popular insurance advertisements we went a bit cheeky, transforming them for a different kind...

Cover Your Cock & Protect Your Pussy Campaign

Publication date: 2010
The Cover Your Cock and Protect Your Pussy campaign was designed by Youth for Youth. It consisted of posters, brochure, t-shirts, safer sex kits and buttons. Both images came in both Blue and Pink designs. The messaging was intended to promote safer sex among youth...

AIDS Changes Everything

Publication date: 2007
ACDR’s 2007 M2M (Man 2 Man = Gay, Bisexual and MSM) HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign featured Bo Ladashevska, International Mr. Leather 2006 and his partner Guy Primeau in a series of five posters.  There are 27 photos in total from the photo shoot.  ACDR has shared...