Established in 2010 as a response to homelessness in St. Thomas-Elgin, Inn Out of the Cold initially operated as a winter shelter in a church basement, aiding up to 30 individuals aged 16 and older.

In November 2021, we undertook a substantial expansion, transitioning to a 24-hour operation within our dedicated facility, with a capacity for 40 individuals which includes welcome men, women, and LGBTQ2+ and seniors. Our comprehensive services encompass warm beds, personal lockers, three daily meals, clean clothing, personal care items, showers, laundry, and dedicated staff support. We additionally offer transportation assistance and ensure access to mental health, addiction, and medical care services and necessary medications.

Our mission extends beyond basic needs, focusing on dismantling barriers to stable housing. Through our program, guests receive assistance with replacing lost identification, applying for financial aid, and housing, and connecting with vital community resources, moving them closer to securing stable housing.